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Applegate Reptiles
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Campo, CA 91906 USA
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Robert Applegate


Willie and Linda Moran
Moran Reptiles
619-518-3922 moranreptiles@hotmail.com


Coastal Bend Captive Breeding


"Marilee and I have transferred our business interests to Willie and Linda Moran Moran's Reptiles for the most part.  The lizards went over seas (except for Fernando, who is with Robyn of Ship Your Reptiles) and the pyros, which went to my wonderful webmaster, Tom Muniak Sr. aka HerpZillA.  

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Hi, I am Tom Muniak Sr. And due to health issues I entered into a breeder loan with  John Lassiter of Coastal Bend Captive Breeding. All my pyros from Bob, both adults and 2016 babies for future breeding,  are in John's care on a breeding loan. We are looking forward to great production next year, and to future multi morph pyros.

To the left is Moran's Reptiles Contact and Coastal Bend Captive Breeding for the pyros. 


"Kingsnakes & Milksnakes In Captivity"
by Robert Applegate.

75 full-color photographs. 92 pp softcover.
The book includes an introduction to a new species of kingsnake Lampropeltis webbi and lots of good breeding and captive care notes.
Receive a personalized autographed copy anywhere in the U.S.A. for only $12,  $20 USD anywhere else in the world.

Send a check or money order to Robert Applegate at the above address, with a clear return address and who to autograph it to for your personal copy!


Hypomelanistic Greer's Kingsnakes

Special Pyros

Striped albino Sinaloan Milksnakes

Worldwide business welcome.  I have the papers.  If you can legally receive it,  I can ship to you.


YOU WILL WANT TO COME BACK!  There are many free articles and lots of information here, so  Please BOOKMARK my site. Applegate Reptiles has been known for over twenty-five years as a breeder of quality and rare reptiles. Our name is on two strains of snakes - the Applegate Arizona Mountain Kingsnake and the Applegate San Diego Gopher Snake.

We have written many good and interesting articles over the years. These articles deal with the husbandry and breeding of many types of reptiles. To see a list of these articles, please go to our Article Archive. NEW ARTICLES!  Mexican Beaded Lizard (Heloderma h. exasperatum) Bite  AND  Kingsnakes and Milksnakes

Book - The General Care and Maintenance of Milk Snakes
Please note that our milksnake book is currently out of print, but we have left the link above so that you can read the book online.However, we have just come out with an new book, Kingsnakes & Milksnakes In Captivity (see the information near the top of the page.)

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Thayer's Kingsnake Durango Mtn. Kingsnake Mexican Milk Snake
Sinaloan Milk Snake Pueblan Milk Snake NM Milk Snake
Honduran Milk Snake
Nelson's Milk Snake
Arizona Mountain Kingsnake>
Tarahumara Mountain Kingsnake Baja Mtn. Kingsnake California Kingsnake
Applegate Arizona Mountain Kingsnake Weird "Splotched" Sinaloan Milksnakes Hypo Durango Kingsnakes  
Spotted Mexican Milksnakes Mexican Beaded Lizard Gila Monster  
To find information on these species, Please go to our Articles Archives.

Bob and Marilee are now enjoying their retirement. 
Thank you for being our customers for so many years. 

Now maintained by
Thomas Muniak Sr.