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Part Three: The Rodent Facilities

Now we come to the dream mouse room (actually nightmare room, I hate mice!) I used a 40x8x8 insulated freezer cargo container, tilted it slightly to the right and to the back (leaks run to the open area) and put ventilators, sequential air conditioning and a filtered and pressure regulated water system. The substrate is gentle touch aspen pellets. I have automatic waterers, a feed trough and use the kitty litter pans for mice and the lower rack are plastic cement tubs for rats. We have extra trays set up for a complete change. Once a week we fill the food troughs, once a month it takes 4-5 hours to completely clean and set up for the next change, and we can close the doors and only enter when we harvest for feeding. The room provides us with more than we need, 120 mouse trays 1.5 mice, and 16 rat trays 1.4 rats. Back to the  Main Page

Open mouse and rat cages
   Bob and the mice
The water system