Applegate Reptiles Reptile Breeding Facilities and cages
Part One: The Old Building

The new house had an approx 40x 40 building adjoining the driveway and that quickly became the first reptile building. The building was divided in the center, and was complete with a bathroom. A work sink and counter were added. The old drawer cages were moved from the old house, reconfigured and now make up one wall of cages. The opposite outside wall had a pop out area. My old house had a snake room built in the garage which housed some of the lizards and the larger snakes. That house was later sold to Moran Reptiles who is still operating the snake room, snake pit in the back yard, and the mouse building. I needed some larger cages so I commissioned the ones you see in the pop out area to replace the snake room cages from the old house.

One of the bedrooms was filled with shoe box racks, and a separate rack system was built to hold "kitty litter" pans for the 80 or so breeders that wouldn't fit until a new reptile building was built. The 48 smaller drawer cages from inside the old snake room were moved and filled another wall, opposite side from the larger drawer cages. When the new reptile building was completed, these cages were sold and the baby racks and one sweater box rack filled the second half of the driveway reptile building. All the heat for racks and cages are controlled by the Helix proportional thermostats. There is a Helix for every two rows, so we can keep track of the temperatures at each level, as well as shut them off when not needed in non-baby season!

There is my old trusty incubator stuck in one corner of this section of the building. We have cut back in numbers, sold some excess racks, etc and now are down to 1008 shoe boxes, and 24 sweater boxes in this room. When we hold back animals for future breeders, they are raised in the shoe boxes, then graduate to the sweater boxes, then into the breeder rooms. Each animal, whether kept as a breeder, or for sale, is raised in its own individual shoe box, with a complete record card attached, showing hatch date, sex, parents, and all feeding with dates and shed dates. Nothing is sold until it is an established feeder. This is where Marilee spends a great amount of her time. She raises all our babies until they are ready to be moved into the breeder sections or are sold.

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The property came with this building
   Old drawer cages
Calci-sand in each
   Occupants of the larger cages
Commissioned larger cages
   Marilee working with her babies
Helix controls
   The baby room
Sweater box rack (lower half)