About the Author

Robert W. Applegate was born in Riverside, New Jersey.  He was dragged, kicking and screaming, to California as a Navy brat at 6 months of age, and his lived in the San Diego area ever since.  The soon-to-be-retired fire chief of San Clemente Island has been involved with reptiles for over 40 years, first as a young neophyte collector, a commercial collector, importer/exporter, and now as a commercial herpetoculturist and lecturer.  He has absolutely no professional education in the field, and is proud of it.  "Bob" is an outspoken critic of what he feels are almost useless and ineffective wildlife laws concerning reptile management.  Besides breeding 20-30 types of snakes (mostly tricolours and albinos) he produces a limited number of captive-hatched Gila monsters and beaded lizards.  Reptiles are his pleasure, fun as well as an intrinsic component of his social life and a significant source of income.    He has plans to further expand his herpetocultural business after his retirement.   He is available for lectures, presentations and workshops at herpetological society meetings and symposia.

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