Baja Mountain Kingsnake

Lampropeltis zonata agalma


This is the southern most subspecies on the mainland, of the California Mountain Kingsnake group (L. zonata).  They have more triads than the northern ones.  I have looked for them in Mexico about 40 miles south of my house, and also at elevation in the mountains east of Ensanada, Mexico, without success.  Contrary to the opinions of some law enforcement, and despite the more recent "busts" of some illegal collectors of the Baja Mountain Kingsnake, there are some in the U.S. of legal origin.  Many were brought into California in the early years, but remained "underground" and considered prohibited in California until California Fish and Game recognized the subspecies.  Until then they were all considered L. zonata and prohibited by State law.  Very similar to L. pyromelana in husbandry requirements.  See my article on Durango and Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes for more specific husbandry needs.

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