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Albino California Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula californiae



The first albino kingsnake in herpetoculture!   The first individual was wild collected and the striped form.  Now many generations of both striped and banded albinos are being produced.  Many more wild caught animals have been included into captive bloodlines.  Caution:  Some blood lines are not compatible with others, and when two non compatible albinos are bred together, normal colored double het for both types of albinism will be produced.  If you wish to produce albinos, be sure to get some from the same allele group.   Extremely easy to raise and breed.

Other animals in the L. getula group:

Heterozygous California Kingsnake (L. g. californiae)
Normal California Kingsnake (L. g. californiae)
Apalachicola Kingsnake (L. g. goini)
Mexican Black Kingsnake (L. g. nigrita)

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