Applegate Arizona Mountain Kingsnake

Lampropeltis pyromelana



After 5+ years of work we now know that the Applegate Pyro breeds true.  These animals are from pure locality specific "Lampropeltis pyromelana woodini" stock, with no hybrids of any type. The breeding of an Applegate Pyro to an Applegate Pyro produced 100% pure beauties, and the breeding of an Applegate Pyro male to a two-thirds probable het female produced one Applegate Pyro and two hets, proving in fact that the mother is indeed a hetero and that hetero animals can be produced.

The first year there were only 3 pair of Applegate Pyros sold, and one Applegate Pyro/hetero mix. There are very few of these animals, unlike some other projects "first offered to the public".  At this time we have a long reservation list, but we are asking for deposits to secure list positions, so some of the non-deposit secured list spots may vacate.  We didn't want to ask for deposits until we were sure these animals would breed true. $200 will secure a position on the list, on a first come basis. When we expect to fill your order in the current year, you will be asked to increase the deposit amount to $1000, with the balance due prior to delivery.  If you can't afford to pay for them when required, please do not get on the list or you will lose your deposit.

It has been suggested that we hold back the first few years production, then really make big money on this project.  Several offers to purchase the entire first several years production have been made.  While this does seem to be the norm for this type of project, my partner and I feel that ethically this approach is wrong.  We feel, as sort of a karma payback to the herp community, that we should allow as many people as possible to be in on the "big money" early stages of the project. This means that only one pair will be sold to any one person, as available.  A hetero or mixed pair will be offered to the next list position when we are out of pure pairs.  If you purchase a mixed or hetero pair you can still hold your position on the list for a special pair.  If you pass on the mixed or hetero pair you still keep your position on the list for the Applegate Pyro pair.  We don't feel right to require you to purchase hets to get the Applegate Pyros, again unlike other projects.

These animals are exceptionally beautiful, and we all should make lots of money, and derive much pleasure for years to come with the Applegate Pyro project.  They are proving to be in great demand, even without the fancy color ads and brochures.  If you have not gotten a picture of one, send a SASE and I will mail you one.  For pricing on these beauties, CLICK HERE

See my article "Captive Breeding of the Durango Mountain Kingsnake and the Arizona Mountain Kingsnake" for an in depth discussion.

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