Mexican Beaded Lizard

Heloderma horridum



These venomous lizards are large and strong.  I have some 3 feet tip to tip.  My founder lizards were purchased in 1970 and held in an institution until 1987 when I bought them.  I first produced babies in 1989, and have been regular with them ever since.  I have recently acquired more to cooperate with the goals and management policies of the North American Regional Beaded Lizard Studbook in which my animals are listed.  Not too many of these are produced each year.  One of my females set the record with 22 eggs, but only 13 hatched.  They are "fun" lizards with an attitude!  Be sure you are responsible and legal before you even consider getting these.  There is a death potential from a bite.   For more details see my article on Gilas and Beaded Lizards elsewhere on my webpage.

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