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Pueblan Milk Snake

Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli



The white mice of the milk snake world.  Often laying three clutches per season, four has been reported.  If you want to practice breeding skills and produce quantities of babies, the Pueblan is your choice for a milk snake.  For field collecting experiences, see my article in Vivarium Vol. 1 No. 2.  For general data and case histories see my milk snake book by AVS.  I produced "tangerine" or "apricot" colored Pueblans from a wild caught male, many years ago.    Others have been produced independently.  Who cares who was first, they are here!

Other animals in the L. triangulum group:

Mexican Milk Snake (L. t. annulata)
Spotted Mexican Milk Snake (L. t. annulata)
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New Mexico or Big Bend Milk Snake (L. t. celaenops)
Honduran Milk Snake (L. t. hondurensis)
Nelson's Milk Snake (L. t. nelsoni)
Sinaloan Milk Snake (L. t. sinaloae)

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