New Mexico or Big Bend Milk Snake

Lampropeltis triangulum celaenops


Normally celaenops is known as the New Mexico Milk snake, but there is a race found near and in the Big Bend Park in Texas that is more distinctively colored.    They have cleaner bands and tend towards white rings vs. more spotted with yellowish faded rings in the ones from New Mexico. These are a smaller milk snake, but for their small size they have large young capable of eating pinkie mice.  You may have to encourage first feedings with a lizard or lizard flavored offering, but most accept mice as a first meal.  My colony originate from Hwy 118, Texas and are considered some of the most attractive being offered in the US today.

Other animals in the L. triangulum group:

Mexican Milk Snake (L. t. annulata)
Spotted Mexican Milk Snake (L. t. annulata)
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Nelson's Milk Snake (L. t. nelsoni)
Sinaloan Milk Snake (L. t. sinaloae)

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