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Durango Mountain Kingsnake

Lampropeltis mexicana greeri

Normal greeri
   Light phase greeri
Hypo and normal dark greeri

The Durango Mt. Kingsnake is one of the first subspecies I began my captive breeding career with.  For a complete account refer to my article "Captive Breeding of the Durango Mountain Kingsnake and the Arizona Mountain Kingsnake."  A paper I presented at a Reptile and Amphibian breeding conference hosted by the Northern California Herpetological Society in 1987.  After many generations, selecting for improved patterns and colors, some very reduced black animals have shown up.  It is too early in the project to be sure it is a recessive trait and can be bred true, but one or two more generations and we will know.   Watch for them, they, and the normals are great animals.

It is now a few years after I wrote the information above. At this time there are 12 hypomelanistic greeri that we know of in existance. We are offering a few, and a few hets. This project only took 30 years to happen!. If you want to be in a new project on the ground floor, consider this project.

Hypo adult

Other animals in the L. mexicana group:

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