Heterozygous California Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula californiae

Normal and Het California Kingsnakes.  They both look the same.  The only real difference is one of the parents of the "het" was an albino.  It is possible to produce "hets" from a het to het breeding, but you will produce normal and hets in that group, and you can't be sure which is which until you "test" them as adult breeders.  Many color forms of both striped and banded are available each season.  They are sold under California Reptile and Amphibian permit #0046.

Other animals in the L. getula group:

Albino California Kingsnake (L. g. californiae)
Normal California Kingsnake (L. g. californiae)
Apalachicola Kingsnake (L. g. goini)
Mexican Black Kingsnake (L. g. nigrita)

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