Tarahumara Mountain Kingsnake

Lampropeltis pyromelana knoblocki


Tarahumara or Chihuahua Mt Kingsnake is my other subspecies (knoblocki).  Their range is strictly in Mexico.  All of the pyromelana come from higher elevations.    There you would expect shorter warmer seasons, and many of the mountain kings suggest that by their behavior in captivity. Most of my adults will stop feeding late in the summer, but well before I want to hibernate (brumate) the collection in preparation for the spring breeding.  I used to worry about a warm snake being without food for two months.  Now I accept this behavior as a parallel to their natural cycles and prepare for it by offering additional meals when they are feeding, then moving them to the coolest areas I have, to wait for the rest of the collection to hibernate.  Sometimes the young will feed throughout the winter.

The Arizona Mt. Kings love lizards as food, but are relatively easy to get to accept mice.  The "knoblocki" seem a little more likely to accept mice as a first meal than their more northern relatives.  The "Pyros" are a 10 gallon cage snake, handle well, and will "cling" to you when held. Probably a natural climbing around rocks and not falling induced behavior.  For a really spectacular Arizona Mountain Kingsnake, be sure to see the "Applegate Pyro" pictured on my web page and in Vivarium Vol. 8 No 2.

Other animals in the L. pyromelana group:

Arizona Mountain Kingsnake (L. p. pyromelana)
Applegate Arizona Mountain Kingsnake (L. p. pyromelana)

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