Lake Chapala Milk Snake

Lampropeltis triangulum ???

My colony originates from a fishing village on Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.  They should be L.t. arcifera, according to published range maps.  They look different, and breed true to that difference. After three generations they are consistent with each other, and very different from arcifera or any other milk snake with which I am familiar.  The photo on page 51 of my AVS Milk Snake book is actually of the Lake Chapala Milk Snake, not what we recognize arcifera elsewhere, but it is from Jalisco.  The Lake Chapala Milk Snake is probably a new subspecies, but some ambitious taxonomist will have to sort that out.  It does well, breeds well, and is fun to work with.

NOTE: I sold my colony to a Utah scientist who is looking at them with an eye to determine if the Lake Chapala and the jalisco are different subspecies, so I will no longer have them for sale.

Other animals in the L. triangulum group:

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