Nelson's Milk Snake

Lampropeltis triangulum nelsoni



Once thought to all be nelsoni, Williams (1978 American Milk Snake) recognized the race found near Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico as a different subspecies, sinaloae.  The "clean" sinaloan has very wide red bands, with very narrow black and white rings.  The "clean" nelsoni looks like it has big black saddles, almost touching on the back, with a narrow white.  The problem is that sometimes nelsoni will produce offspring that look like sinaloans, and vice versa.    Behaviorally the babies are the same and thrive.  Sinaloans seem to get larger and nelsoni (for me) will double clutch more frequently than sinaloans.  I am breeding colonies of each to produce "clean" examples of both.  If you like a lot of red the sinaloan is your milk snake choice.  Albinos of the nelsoni are becoming available in the trade.

Albino Nelson's Milksnakes.

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