Sinaloan Milk Snake
Lampropeltis triangulum sinaloae

These animals were considered included in nelsoni, and very hard to get.  I hunted around Mazatlan, and on the road to San Blas, Mexico for several nights in steaming jungle at night and didn't see a one (I did catch my first Boa Constrictor, which was a thrill, plus many other crocodile and Iguana adventures).   Later this group was separated from the nelsoni to their own subspecies and were found to be more common along the farm fields near Mazatlan.  They were brought north in large numbers.  I was lucky enough to be able to choose from large groups, and picked nice clean ones.  Now, several generations later, the red/orange is intense.   If you like lots of red, this is the milksnake for you.  Just recently a new "color/pattern morph" has shown up.  This page was set up years ago, this and an albino phase are now available.

Other animals in the L. triangulum group:

Mexican Milk Snake (L. t. annulata)
Spotted Mexican Milk Snake (L. t. annulata)
Jalisco Milk Snake (L. t. arcifera)
Lake Chapala Milk Snake (L. t. ???)
Pueblan Milk Snake (L. t. campbelli)
New Mexico or Big Bend Milk Snake (L. t. celaenops)
Honduran Milk Snake (L. t. hondurensis)
Nelson's Milk Snake (L. t. nelsoni)

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