Thayer's Kingsnake

Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri


The Thayers or variable gray banded Kingsnake can look very similar to the other 3 gray banded kings (the "mexicana" group) or it can be clean or a mix of 3 basic color/pattern phases that I have pictured.  They originate from Galeana, Mexico.  If you pick a phase you like and keep breeding for that phase, after a few generations they will breed "almost" true (every once in a while something "else" will pop out).  The first pair I bought back in the 1970's were "leonis" phases and when they produced a clutch there were black ones, leonis ones, and milksnake phase ones all in the same clutch.  The "leonis" ones are the ones with the narrow red bands that were once known as Lampropeltis mexicana leonis, but were grouped with L. m. thayeri in a story similar to that about blairi to alterna.  As with all the mexicana group, they are a medium (10 gallon tank) size kingsnake, easy to care for.  The picture says more than I can about colors and patterns.

Other animals in the L. mexicana group:

Gray Banded Kingsnake (L. m. alterna)
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