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What Is It??




What is it?  A very interesting question.   Many years ago (in the 1970's and 1980's) several animals were collected east of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico and imported into the U.S.  They were called "Sinaloan Milksnakes" and sold as such.  Some unrelated captive hatched offspring were sold to a friend of mine.  My friend bred these and produced very normal "sinaloan" looking babies.  Some of these were sold to a person in Nevada.   He raised and bred these, and some of the babies produced were very abnormal looking.  Some reptile experts examined these and determined there were L. t. nelsoni.  As luck would have it, I owned a pair of the siblings to the parents of these odd looking animals, out on breeding loan with another friend.  I called him and asked him to be sure to breed the two siblings from this group together.  He did so and this is one of the results.  Some of the siblings to this one look very "sinaloan" in appearance.  Makes you wonder if you take away the pattern, is there really any difference between L. t. sinaloae and L. t. nelsoni, doesn't it?

Later, we bred two of these together and produced all aberrant, proving it to be a recessive trait. We are running the sale because we thought we were the only ones offering these animals, but found out there are others of the same blood lines being offered for less, so we felt we had to match the offered price.

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