These may not be the latest taxonomic names, nor do I intend to clear the confusion on some with the ones I have chosen to print.  The ones I use are the ones you will most likely be able to find in current books.  Too many changes for me to try to keep up.  Sorry Californians, add 7 % sales tax.  Visitors are welcome, but by appointment.  This is my residence and I have no regular hours.  Thanks much for your interest.  Any business and/or referrals will be appreciated.   Thank you.

I realize some of the animals I offer aren't well known or pictured in books and that you may want to see what the species looks like before laying out your cash.  I have a good quality photograph of a representative of each species (one of my breeders, past or present) available for $1.00 each or $20 per set.  I do not have a picture of each and every snake that I will be selling.  my collection is considered top-of-the-line, and there is no reason to believe their offspring will be anything less.  I take advance orders/reservations for pairs and multiple pairs only.   Any surplus of either sex will first be offered to those who have ordered pairs and indicated they would like to have them.  Then the surplus is available on a first come first served basis.  There are very few of some of the species available, some have began reserved since last season.  If you want to reserve future hatchlings, or have desired animals shipped to you C.O.D. I need at least 25% deposit in advance.   This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE IF I PRODUCE THE ANIMALS YOU ORDER.  If I accept your deposit, I fully expect to be able to fill your order.  I have had cash customers offer me more than the asking price on snakes I was holding for an advance-order customer and I declined to accept, as I feel when I accept your deposit, we enter into a contract (I to supply, you to purchase).  If you are not positive you want certain animals, or can't pay for them, DO NOT SEND A DEPOSIT, but ask me about them late in the season and take your chances that I may still have some left.  Advance deposit customers are serious money, dependable customers who rightly deserve and receive my TOP PRIORITY.  I now charge a $10 packing/box charge on orders less than $400.  I don't want to be like some that won't sell a small amount order to someone, but I need help in covering my costs for packing, etc. on the small ones.  I was poor once and could only afford small amounts too!  Most business can be handled through the mail, but if you want to call, fine.  I will call collect with airway bill number and flight information if you wish.

I keep detailed records on my hatchlings and their ancestry.  I will tell you when they hatched, who their parents are, what and when they have eaten, and in most cases, can sell non-sibling pairs.  All my hatchlings can be traces back through generations to legally imported 9r purchased animals.  I am sometimes asked about my "guarantee" on my animals.  I don't really have one.  Each situation is different.  I guarantee you will be satisfied with the snakes I sell you (except L. m. alterna - with patience and "tender-loving-care" they should do will for you.  Most have done well for me.  They can be difficult and too many people fail to provide for the snakes needs, have it die, then blame the breeder.   Be sure you want these!!)  If not satisfied, you call me, tell me what the problem is, then tell me (be nice about it!) what I need to do so you will be satisfied.   Unless I feel I am being "taken" I will usually do what is asked.  I have so few problems, it is a cheap way to "buy" a good reputation, which I value.  So you tell me, what is my guarantee?  You will like the way I do business.  I have been, and hope to be around a long time (In San Diego County playing with reptiles for over 40 years).  I would appreciate it if you would circulate my list/letter to others that may want some of my offspring (reptiles!).   Send me a list of what you have available.  I am often asked for sources of other species or supplies.  Thank you for past, present, and future considerations.   I hope we can do business and/or be friends.

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