Hello all! I have been negligent in my updating my annual message. As you probably know, I have been trying to sell the business in its entirety so I could actually retire. I am getting older and it is time to have some free time to enjoy the world and family. I have resisted offers for parts as I thought "What is the point in selling a part of the business? If I have to take care of any of it, I may as well collect the money from the labor". I did sell off the lizards (Thank you Ryan) as venomous lizards are prohibited in many areas and I thought they might not be able to be sold to someone wanting the rest of the snakes and rodent business, so they are now in China somewhere, except "Fernando" my giant male who resides in Colorado (Thank you Robyn). They did lay eggs before they left so I still have about 15 baby beaded lizards available, but after they go, I am out of the lizard end of the business. I hate to do it, but since no one has come forward to buy the entire business I am now willing to part it out. I have the following breeders available for best offer. Durango Mountain Kings, 2 Hypo males, 3 Het hypo males, 2 female het, 1 normal female 8 total, Annulata 1 albino male, 2 albino female, 1 spotted male, 2 spotted females, 1 female het spotted,1 male het spotted, 2 normal males, 4 normal females and a het for albino female 15 total, Pueblan milksnakes 6 males, 16 females, 22 total, pyromelana 2 hypo male, 1 hypo female, 8 female het hypo 11 total, knoblocki 1 pair, Cal Kings 3 albino male, 2 albino female, 2 female het A1 male hetA,1 male double het (both parents different albinos, looks normal but carries both albino genes)1 double het female,1 normal male, 9 normal females 20 total, Sinaloan/Nelsoni group 6 male albino striped, 9 female AS, 11 female albino, het for stripe, 3 male stripe,2 female stripe, 2 male stripe het for A, 4 male vanishing pattern, 2 female vanishing pattern, 1 male het vp, 10 female het VP, 1 male orange pattern 2 female het for O, 4 male albino,6 female albino, 4 female hetA,3 male double het (albino and stripe),8 female double het, 2 female het for stripe,6 normal females 86 total.

Again, I would love to sell all cages, snakes and mice to one group so I could watch the progress and see what becomes of Applegate Reptiles, but alas, does not look like it will happen. Please consider making an offer on any group you would like to work with. Thank you for many good years, and hope we all have many more to come.
  Thank you

Almost forgot these! These are my hold backs for future breeders. They should be ready to breed in 1-2 years.Cal kings 2 male double hets, 2 female double hets one female normal 5 total, Sinaloan/Nelsoni group 1 female albino, 1 male albino striped, 1 female albino stripe, 5 albino het stripe females, 4 male and 8 female het for the orange and possible het for vanishing pattern (I was holding these to set up 4 trios with the hope of producing an orange patternless or reduced pattern snake), 1 normal female 21 total, pyromelana 1 male hypo, 2 female hypo, 5 female het hypo, 1 male and 3 female normal locality Prescott AZ 12 total and the 16 baby beaded lizards


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