A message from Bob Applegate

Yes, many changes. Marilee and I have retired (sort of) from the reptile business. For years Willie and Linda Moran have been acquiring representatives of our breeding lines, and it seems, since we have been good friends for many years, they should continue the lines. They have opted not to do the Applegate Pyros (my webmaster Tom has control of them) and the Gilas and beaded lizards have gone to China. Besides my lines of snakes Willie and Linda will add a few new animals, but I will let them decide when and where to announce their new stocks. I am very unhappy that the State of California, through permit price hikes and ridiculous requirements for the permits forced me to get them gone from the State. On the other hand they did give me lots of time to do so and that was appreciated. The large beaded lizard, probably world record size, now resides with Robyn of Ship your reptiles in Colorado. If you are still shipping airlines, you really ought to give them a try. Much more reasonable, much less stress. We have decided to do more traveling, but when we get the time we will attend a few shows, just to remember what got us where we are, and probably to help the Morans.

The Morans have just bought a new facility and you can imagine the stress with both of them with full time jobs and having to consolidate and move a very large collection of reptiles. rodents and cages and build new facilities, so this year might be an off year for production, but I am very excited for them. I will let Willie and Linda introduce themselves when they have time, but I will tell you, they are great people, will do right by you, and I hope you will give them the great patronage you have given Marilee and myself over the years. For that we thank you and wish you all the best. I will still be selling my books until they are gone and would be glad to answer questions and help where I can. Again, thank you!

A message from Willie and Linda Moran

Welcome to Applegate Moran Reptiles!

We are Willie and Linda Moran, the new owners of Applegate Reptiles. We will be combining Applegate with our existing business, Moran Reptiles. Bob and Marilee Applegate are our longtime friends and mentors and we are proud and grateful to have been given the opportunity to carry on their amazing legacy.

Bob had stated in his yearly website update on 6/19/2016 that he “would love to sell all cages, snakes and mice to one group so he could see what becomes of Applegate Reptiles, but alas, does not look like it will happen.”

After we read that update, we decided to make him an offer on just the rodents and their cages. But after a few more negotiating meetings, sitting on the patio next to their pool, we all decided that assuming management of all the cages, snakes and mice was an awesome and stunning idea.

We committed to move forward with the transition of animals and equipment to our facilities in El Cajon, California. It has been a considerable challenge with jobs, weather and 42 miles between us but, the relocation is progressing and we thank Bob and Marilee for their incredible patience and assistance. We will strive to maintain the quality and service that the Applegates have exemplified.

We are looking forward to meeting you and helping all that we can.


P.S. also coming to the table will be some new animals see list below:









Working on price list for 2017


Willie and Linda Moran

619-518-3922 moranreptiles@hotmail.com



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